Get Into Hot Water with a Heat Recovery System from Ludell

waste-water-heat-recoveryMost everyone knows about the benefits of cleaning and reusing wastewater from the washing process, but there is another bi-product that can be put back into your system to work for you—and cut down on expenses, too. It’s energy in the form of heat.

Smart companies today put their wastewater to work with Ludell’s Waste Water Heat Recovery System. Most of the heat remaining in wastewater from laundries or other industrial processes can be captured and reused. The heart of our system is recovering this heat and transferring it to the incoming clean, fresh water destined for your tempered or hot water system.

Our original continuous shell and tube type design of the heat exchangers allows heat to be reclaimed without the problems and hassles of fine pre-screening. Instead of harming the system, waste such as lint, string and other materials will safely pass through. The automatic four-way reversing backflush valve automatically reverses wastewater flow to clean the system, keeping it working at maximum performance for years to come.

Oww-heatrecovery-2ther features of the system include:

  • High alloy stainless steel tubes, shell, tube sheets, baffles, tie rods and nozzles
  • Carbon steel wastewater adaptors
  • TEMA gaskets
  • Compound gauge with 30″ Vac. to 60 psi range
  • Waste water level sensing device with low-level switch
  • Non-clogging diaphragm type throttling valve

Ludell’s Waste Water Heat Recovery system will reduce fuel consumption and lessen the steam requirements to heat water. It also provides higher quality laundered textiles by providing a more consistent control over water temperatures and reduces the temperature of discharged wastewater to sewer or treatment systems.

For a business looking to extract the most from their systems, recovering energy from the heat of the wastewater is one more advantage of using Ludell products. The result is a considerable savings in time, money and energy—and that’s a no-loss proposition. Contact us to see how we can implement this system into your process.


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