Buy With Confidence: Important Questions To Ask Before Your Next Tunnel Washer Purchase

GP8A9906_edit-jpgWhether you’re considering Ellis for your next tunnel washer or looking elsewhere, here are some key questions to ask that can save you some major headaches down the road.

Part 1: What are some key questions I should ask during the purchasing process of a new tunnel washer? 

  • What will be my ROI?
  • Will the manufacturer work around my schedule during installation?
  • How long will it take to build, to deliver and when will we be up and running?
  • Will you have someone on site while we are starting up until it’s running to our satisfaction?
  • Do you have a training program in place so our staff can expertly operate the washer?
  • What is your post-sale support for systems?

Eliminating risk is always a smart idea. Always make sure you’re completely covered should anything go wrong and look for signs of a good long-term partnership like prompt communication, knowledgeable contact people and trustworthy operations.

Part 2: What are some key questions I should ask a potential vendor about their tunnel washer?

  • What is the cost to maintain yearly?
  • Do you give a preventive maintenance program?
  • What will be my water usage and savings?
  • How flexible is your tunnel as it relates to different textiles/products?
  • What controls do you use?
  • What parts can I buy locally?
  • Where will my parts be shipped from?
  • Have you ever worked with my chemical provider? Do you work well with them?

Getting these questions answered will help you keep your tunnel washer running and minimize its downtime. Post-sale support is critical, so be sure to consider it before you choose a vendor.

Part 3: Is there anything I should keep in mind when pairing my tunnel washer with a press extractor?

Just make sure the tunnel washer is sized properly and has been sized for potential growth as well. Check to see if all the controls are the same, if they can be replaced and if you can use either control panel for the master control.

With the Smartline Washer and the 360 Sequential Washer, Vega and Ellis each have a reliable, innovative and environmentally-friendly tunnel washer option that can effortlessly and efficiently tackle your sanitation needs – all with the superior support of the Ellis name.

Wherever you go for that next tunnel washer, we hope the upgrade makes your job easier and not more difficult. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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