Customers Learn DIY Methods to Maximize Productivity of Ellis Side Loader

gp8a1332With a little extra knowledge, in-house technicians can usually keep their Ellis equipment operating at top capacity without putting in a service call, saving precious down time. That is the reason for our annual Washer Extractor Maintenance Seminar, designed for Laundry Engineers, Corporate Engineers, Mechanics and Technicians responsible for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and day-to-day operations of Ellis laundry equipment. Created more than 20 years ago, the seminar aims to assist technicians in improving their ability to troubleshoot, make repairs, and expand their overall knowledge of the Ellis Side Loader.

gp8a1220The seminar is always popular, and this year’s event was no exception. We met for dinner the first night to get to welcome new attendees and renew old friendships. The next morning, we got down to work at the Ellis facility, concentrating on getting acquainted with the Ellis Side Loader both inside and out, including basic trouble shooting and bearing and trunnion installation.

Today and tomorrow’s session is devoted to developing a deeper understanding of the Ellis Side Loader with various stations on electronics, spare parts and the Rexroth hydraulics.

gp8a1411The seminar series was developed to show customers the value of preventive maintenance, save them time and money, and allow them to unlock the full potential of their Ellis Side Loader, all through the guidance of our expert customer support and technical staff. Former attendee, Lee Baldauf of Superior Linen Service, had nothing but positive feedback on his experience after attending the seminar. “If you take the classes and install the knowledge you receive; your Ellis Side Loader basically becomes a maintenance-free workhorse.”


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