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Stay Above the Fold: Vegafold Video

The Vegafold is a compact, reliable and versatile folder. With three primary folds and three cross folds, the Vegafold is able to custom fold a variety of flatwork, including sheets, duvets, table linen, small pieces and more. Its high-speed variations and compact construction make it perfectly suited for any laundry system. Watch it in action!

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Around the Watercooler with Andy Aguirre

In May 2016, it will be 15 years since Andy Aguirre became part of the Ellis family. After joining Ellis, Andy got his start in our stock room, picking and cleaning parts. He soon moved onto sales in the Parts Department,, and now currently works as a customer service representative in the Parts Department. A […]

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Robust Reliability – The Vega SmartPRESS RP

Reliability is the key to efficiency. Machine failure is costly, and it throws off your entire workflow. For this reason, It’s best to have machines you can trust on a consistent basis. The Vega SmartPRESS RP is that machine. It’s a dependable workhorse that won’t let you down. The Vega SmartPRESS RP doesn’t buckle under […]

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Vega Fintec Video

The finishing, folding and conveying technology offered through the Vega Fintec System perfectly integrates a complete finishing system for modern laundries. With the ability to process 450-900 pieces per hour, the energy efficient VarioJet Tunnel Finisher takes pieces through the final states of drying and steaming for wrinkle-free garments, while the automated system of hang, […]

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Stripping Away at the Side Loading VOC Stripper Washer/Extractor

Staying ahead of the curve, Ellis was the first to manufacture a large capacity VOC stripper for the industry. It’s smart design has continued to stand the test of time. Uniquely engineered to process textiles containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as chemicals, paints, solvents, pesticides and more, the Ellis Side Loading VOC Stripper Washer/Extractor […]

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Vega SmartPRESS RP Video

Engineered and built for long lasting durability, the robust design of Vega SmartPRESS Extraction Press features two solid steel rectangular frames for superior support during the high-speed hydraulic extraction process. With weak points eliminated, this reliable press has the same lifetime as a tunnel washer and can be customized to fit any of them on […]

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Direct Contact Water Heater_cutout-blue

Hot & Ready: Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater

With instant heating in a small footprint, Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater (DCWH) delivers “big” in a small package. Our DCWH produces 180-degree water up to 1,000 GPM on demand, allowing hot water to be ready at all times. It does so by introducing energy from a burner directly to the cold water for a […]

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Vega APD 3/1 Towel Folder

The Vega APD 3/1 Towel Folder meets all of your different folding and stacking needs. This dynamic machine can standard fold 1, 2, or 3 lateral folds or French fold, combined with one cross fold and stacking. For additional flexibility, individual fold parameters can be set for different sized pieces utilizing belt reversing and blades […]

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Unparalleled Productivity in 20,000 Square Feet

Based out of Tumwater, WA, Sterile Surgical Systems is a full-service healthcare laundry and surgical pack processing facility. In looking to improve productivity and lessen their impact on the environment, Sterile Surgical came to Ellis and Vega Systems for a full turnkey commercial laundry installation. Check out how Ellis helped Sterile Surgical lower their utility […]

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