Vega SmartPRESS

The Vega SmartPRESS RP Extraction Press is the first and only press extractor with the same lifetime operation as a tunnel washer. This is accomplished by eliminating the tie rods or posts found on other press extractors. Our two solid rectangular frame construction is unique to Vega and offers a far superior support frame.

Vega’s German wash technology features a reliable high-speed Rexroth hydraulic system offering adjustable pressures up to 62 bar. The Vega SmartPRESS is available in a multiple of sizes to accommodate every tunnel manufactured.



Discharge direction can be straight through, left or right side and can be easily changed in the field.


Maximum Energy Efficiency

With no operational critical elements, the machine is designed for the most operational reliability.


More Control Than Ever

The SmartPRESS features a high-grade proportional control operating at all times in a preselected pressure range.

Additional Features

  • Standard high-speed hydraulics to ensure fast operation of the ram and basket reaching membrane pressure in 34 seconds
  • PLC Controller with LCD touch panel which is operator friendly
  • Stainless Steel construction in all wet areas
  • Automatic oil temperature control system
  • Newly developed conveyer belt with a 50% larger open area for efficient drainage and evacuation
  • High volume press water collection tank with two filters, level control and pump
  • High–precision sensor to keep precise control of ram position during pressing
  • Easily accessible PE drainage plate for easy removal and cleaning

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