Smartline Tunnel Washer

Built to handle high sanitation requirements, the Vega SmartLine Tunnel Washer is an intelligent, powerful solution for any industry, including hotels and hospitals. Utilizing the Real Standing Bath (RSB) for the most effective wash results, the SmartLine Tunnel Washer offers the exact amount of water, detergent and appropriate water temperature for each load for maximum efficiency.

The fully welded, one-piece inner drum ensures accurate concentricity for a highly efficient wash quality, while the new design of the outer drum reduces standing water saving up to 13 gallons (50 liters) of water per batch.

Plus, the steam injection design pushes water and soap between the inner and outer drums for efficient washing and removing of lint and hair, all while reducing cycle times and increasing production rates.


Wash Action

Pick-up & drop wash action allows for shorter washing times and reduced detergent consumption for increased production and high quality results


The Need for Steam

Steam injection system generates a whirlpool in the washing bath, creating a lint-free result without a complex filter system


It’s All in the Balance

Water is forced to pass the linen in the rinse cycle through inner drum perforations, reducing the need for more water to level the pH balance.


  • Overhead soaking option for fast and thorough wetting of linens
  • Bottom transfer technology in a spiral design allows for smooth transfer of linen from one compartment to the next with no blocking issues
  • Green Flow technology option reuses excess water for reduced water consumption
  • Chain drive system with auto lubrication for smooth, low stress action and long term maintenance-free running
  • Newly developed washing rips for max washing action
  • High-grade materials for long lasting design
  • Fast return of investment, because low energy consumption and low maintenance cost over decades
  • PLC touch screen control with 15.4” screen with up to 99 programmable washes available

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