Silence (and Efficiency) is Golden: The Ellis WHISPERDRYer

whisperdryer-closeddoor-isolatedEfficiency is the key to profitability, but in the case of industrial dryers, this efficiency often comes in a loud package. That’s why we’ve designed the Ellis WHISPERDRYer with industry-leading velocity combined with the quietest operation available.

Offering the most efficient cycle possible, the WHISPERDRYer utilizes moisture sensing drying technology that is programmable based on the contents within the large 192 cubic foot cylinder. The low decibel operation of the WHISPERDRYer keeps the noise level at 70-72 decibels and quietly evacuates more air, all while running at 12,000 CFM. To extend the life of the blower, it moves air at lower RPMs, which reduces abrasion from foreign matter.

For additional noise reduction and reduced maintenance, the direct drive of the WHISPERDRYer is designed without belt drives around the cylinder or a multi-sheaves compensating system, thus eliminating squeaks and other noises from belt slippage on reversals.

Always keeping operator safety in mind, the 55” insulated roll up door goes over the machine, not over the operator’s head, thus no floor clearance is required to open and close the door. Plus, it’s large opening offers the ability to handle both shuttled and slinged goods.

With over 100 years of Ellis’ knowledge in industrial laundry, the WHISPERDRYer takes efficiency and quietness to a whole new level. Learn more about the WHISPERDRYer.

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