Hot & Ready: Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater

Direct Contact Water Heater_cutout-blueWith instant heating in a small footprint, Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater (DCWH) delivers “big” in a small package. Our DCWH produces 180-degree water up to 1,000 GPM on demand, allowing hot water to be ready at all times. It does so by introducing energy from a burner directly to the cold water for a highly efficient process spanning from 750,000 BTU per hour to 54 million BTU per hour—leaving traditional boilers in the dust.

Along with efficient heating, our DCWH cuts out unnecessary steps by not requiring softened water and, instead, can use hard water up to 20 grains. To further improve the process, an extended burner combustion zone is used for better combustion and lower emissions. This also helps provide 30-40% energy savings, using less fuel and lowering exhaust stack emissions.

Rather than using an oven burner like traditional heaters, our DCWH utilizes an industrial Powerflame burner made specifically for heater and boiler applications. With our patented tangential firing method, we create vortex turbulence to ensure maximum heating efficiency.

Our high standards are reflected in the design and build of our equipment. The DCWH is made from stainless steel and constructed with ASME code pressure vessel welders to ensure long life. We also reduce heat build-up in the burner connection by adding a cold water, jacketed burner combustion chamber. For additional precautions, the DCWH has a temperature safety switch to prevent overheating.

With a single burner design for ease of operation and reduced maintenance, our Direct Contact Water Heater creates a fast and safe process for heating water efficiently. To learn more about how our DCWH will help you save time and money, contact Ludell Manufacturing.

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