John Schultz Named Director of Water Solutions

Ellis recently announced John Schultz as the Director of Water Solutions for its Wastewater Division.

John Schultz has thirty-seven years’ experience in the water pollution control industry
including operations of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems,
laboratory analysis and operations, and pretreatment program administration. John is a
licensed wastewater treatment plant operator in the states of Illinois and Indiana. He is
also a registered pretreatment coordinator in the state of Indiana. During the past
twenty-eight years his work has been dedicated to the laundry industry regarding
wastewater treatment, reuse water, and recycle water systems. John has visited over
300 laundries globally evaluating different technologies in the industry’s market

John serves on the TRSA Environmental Committee where he is the current co-
chairman and the UTSA Environmental Committee where he was also co-chairman for
ten years. He has authored several wastewater and water recycling related articles for
both industry publications, Textile Rental and Industrial Launderer. John has presented
papers at the World Textile Congress, TRSA Tech Summits, PMI and MMI Schools,
Association for Linen Management (ALM) and WEF Member Associations.
After twenty-eight years of developing chemical solutions to treat laundry wastewater
John has made a career change to Director of Water Solutions for Ellis Corporation. He
has taken his twenty-eight years of laundry experience and has incorporated the best of
the best technologies for wastewater treatment and water recycle systems into Ellis’

In addition to John’s industry experience, he has also earned a B.S. and M.S. in
Environmental Science and a graduate of PMI.

In October 2014, John was awarded the Maglin Biggie TRSA Lifetime Achievement
Award, the highest honors that can be awarded to TRSA Allied Services Members. He
has also been awarded Ecolab Textile Care Leadership awards in 2015 and 2016.

John Schultz - Director of Water Solutions, Wastewater Division

John Schultz – Director of Water Solutions, Wastewater Division

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