Ellis President Bob Fesmire Jr., Aqua Engineers (AEI) Principal Rich Fiola, Ellis CEO Bob Fesmire Sr., Ellis Director of Water Solutions John Schultz.

ELLIS sprints into Water Reclamation with new partnership

ELLIS Corporation recent partnership with Aqua Engineers, Inc. is a monumental game changer for the Industrial Laundries sector when it comes to water recycling options! On July 20, 2018 ELLIS signed an exclusivity partnership with Aqua Engineers Inc. (AEI), a company that has 20 yrs. experience with microfiltration. “Between our expertise in water systems with Ludell, our wastewater treatment experience, our newfound expertise […]

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John Schultz - Director of Water Solutions, Wastewater Division

John Schultz Named Director of Water Solutions

Ellis recently announced John Schultz as the Director of Water Solutions for its Wastewater Division. John Schultz has thirty-seven years’ experience in the water pollution control industry including operations of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems, laboratory analysis and operations, and pretreatment program administration. John is a licensed wastewater treatment plant operator in the states […]

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National Business Article Showcases Ellis Client-first Approach

Erik Cassano, an award-winning writer, recently wrote a feature article about Ellis Corporation. His article, “High standards — Ellis Corp. builds and sells big machines, but its people make the difference,” appeared in the Huntington Business Insights publication. The profile article describes the “human factors” responsible for driving the company’s continued success since 1898. Read full […]

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Customers Learn DIY Methods to Maximize Productivity of Ellis Side Loader

With a little extra knowledge, in-house technicians can usually keep their Ellis equipment operating at top capacity without putting in a service call, saving precious down time. That is the reason for our annual Washer Extractor Maintenance Seminar, designed for Laundry Engineers, Corporate Engineers, Mechanics and Technicians responsible for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and day-to-day operations […]

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Silence (and Efficiency) is Golden with the Ellis WHISPERDRYer

In the world of industrial laundry services, speed and efficiency are vital elements required for making a profit. The third is a safe and quiet working environment that maximizes the effectiveness of the operating staff. The Ellis WHISPERDRYer was designed specifically to incorporate all three essential components in one drying system – high production, optimal […]

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Ricardo Anaya

Around The Water Cooler with Ricardo Anaya

Ricardo Anaya, Team Leader for painting and assembly of our Side Loaders, has been with Ellis for 15 years, getting his start as a painter. Ricardo has seen Ellis from a number of distinct perspectives, and he now spends most of his time working closely with supervisors in other departments. While Ricardo commits to supervising […]

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Ellis LEAN Initiative Takes Customer Satisfaction to a New Level

While Ellis is already known for superior quality and customer approval, we never stop looking for ways to provide ever-higher standards of service. The Ellis LEAN Initiative was developed to do exactly that. There are a lot of names for it (Six Sigma, LEAN or Kaizen among others) but the process is essentially the same: […]

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Get Into Hot Water with a Heat Recovery System from Ludell

Most everyone knows about the benefits of cleaning and reusing wastewater from the washing process, but there is another bi-product that can be put back into your system to work for you—and cut down on expenses, too. It’s energy in the form of heat. Smart companies today put their wastewater to work with Ludell’s Waste […]

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Around the Watercooler with Andy Aguirre

In May 2016, it will be 15 years since Andy Aguirre became part of the Ellis family. After joining Ellis, Andy got his start in our stock room, picking and cleaning parts. He soon moved onto sales in the Parts Department,, and now currently works as a customer service representative in the Parts Department. A […]

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Stripping Away at the Side Loading VOC Stripper Washer/Extractor

Staying ahead of the curve, Ellis was the first to manufacture a large capacity VOC stripper for the industry. It’s smart design has continued to stand the test of time. Uniquely engineered to process textiles containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as chemicals, paints, solvents, pesticides and more, the Ellis Side Loading VOC Stripper Washer/Extractor […]

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