Direct Contact Water Heater_cutout-blue

Hot & Ready: Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater

With instant heating in a small footprint, Ludell’s Direct Contact Water Heater (DCWH) delivers “big” in a small package. Our DCWH produces 180-degree water up to 1,000 GPM on demand, allowing hot water to be ready at all times. It does so by introducing energy from a burner directly to the cold water for a […]

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Silence (and Efficiency) is Golden: The Ellis WHISPERDRYer

Efficiency is the key to profitability, but in the case of industrial dryers, this efficiency often comes in a loud package. That’s why we’ve designed the Ellis WHISPERDRYer with industry-leading velocity combined with the quietest operation available. Offering the most efficient cycle possible, the WHISPERDRYer utilizes moisture sensing drying technology that is programmable based on […]

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